Thursday, December 03, 2009

Update on CRU Climate Scandal

Quick update:
Last week, following the leak of hundreds of emails and documents which seem to indicate the massaging of data in order to make it conform more to their agenda (see links previous post) scientists at the East Anglia University Climate Research Unit (one of the leading climate research organizations in the world, upon whose recommendation many of the new policies regulating greenhouse gas emissions have been formed) have released their data files to the public.
It appears that a lot of it was messy, inconsistent, and totally useless.

Here are a couple of links to some discussions of one of the mast damning files, the HARRY_READ_ME.txt file, which is basically a three year log of a CRU tech's struggle to make sense of their climate modeling program. Keep in mind that the CRU bases its predictions on this program's results, and this is influences its recommendations to governments.

(Note: Some of the people writing these discussions are pretty upset and sometimes express themselves...colorfully.)

You can read the file itself here (it's very long):

Here is a discussion of some of the more troubling points in the file:

I have not heard much about this in the mainstream media, but the HARRY_READ_ME.txt file was the second most searched for item on Google a few days ago, so word is getting out somehow.
Read the file, the discussions, peruse some of the coverage on the internet, and see what you think.

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Dani said...

You know we discussed this lengthly in my history of Science and Technology class and came to the conclusion there from looking at the raw data available, that at best everything was blown way out of proportion. Back in the 1300 the climate was such that England was known for her fine wines, due to the cold and wet climate grapes cannot even be grown there today. I have often said when England is known for wine again, then we can start talking about global warming.